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Your Dock, reimagined
for productivity

A spotlight-inspired macOS launcher that supercharges navigation across apps, monitors, and workspaces.

v0.0.32|macOS 12+|
Google Chrome
Previously launched as Switch on ProductHunt!
Switch - Keyboard-driven commands to navigate your apps faster | Product HuntSwitch for macOS - Keyboard-driven commands to navigate your mac apps faster. | Product Hunt

Empower your workday

Streamline your process and save valuable time

Say goodbye to the cumbersome task of searching for and switching between applications. With Zap, you’re always just a keystroke away from the tools you need.
  • Spotlight-like dock
    The macOS Dock coalesced with the Launchpad, reimagined as a spotlight window, for easy quick access, management and navigation of all your apps.
  • Quick switch
    Seamlessly switch between your favorite apps without the hassle of navigating through menus or desktop clutter using keyboard shortcuts, specifically ⌘ + 0 through 9 to instantly bring the desired app to the forefront.

App spaces

Effortlessly switch contexts

Create spaces, each housing apps, tailored for specific tasks or projects further streamlining your workflow. Utilize the same intuitive shortcuts, ⌘ + ⌥ + 0 through 9, across all App Spaces. Each shortcut becomes context-aware, launching apps and windows based on assignments in your current workspace.

Multi-screen support

Smart Cursor positioning across screens

Say goodbye to the tedious task of dragging your cursor across screens. With Zap Auto-pos Cursor™, experience the convenience of smart cursor positioning. When you quick switch to an app on a different monitor, your cursor automatically moves to that screen, eliminating the need to manually drag it across multiple screens.

Designed for macOS

Built and designed to be seamless, instant and easy to use.

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